Our State-of-the-Art
Sensor Technology

Developed for round-the-clock, proactive pest monitoring


Brandenburg’s proprietary sensor technology is a landmark innovation that monitors, documents, and predicts pest behaviour in compliance with food safety regulations. It reduces the risk of infestation, optimises resources, and eliminates guesswork with paperless monitoring.

Key Attributes

Used as a standalone unit or bait station

Configured to detect different types of pests

A pest management sensor that sets threshold levels for better food safety

Our advanced IoP® solution provides data-driven pest control, reducing the risk of contamination and leading to increased food safety.


75% accuracy for flying insects that are the size of fruit flies and above

Real-time notifications on fly activity and glue board replacement

A pest management sensor that provides effective fly counting

Our IoP® Optical Fly Counter provides an integrated intelligent dashboard for trending data analytics. It is currently undergoing tests to improve fly count accuracy

Pest management sensors that track and monitor all types of parasites

Our IoP® CapSense Intelligent Sensors are built on state-of-the-art proprietary sensor technology designed specifically for the pest control industry


Used in hard-to-reach and high-risk environments

Flexible, fits all applications

A pest management sensor with an extremely high accuracy rate

Our IoP® Rodent Sensor can be used as a standalone sensor or in conjunction with a bait box, glue trap, or snap trap.


95% accuracy level in detection of small mice and rats

Easy to deploy on roofs

A sensor exclusively designed for adult cockroaches

Our IoP® Cockroach Sensor provides high detection accuracy for adult cockroaches — not nymphs.


Real-time monitoring of cockroach activity

Quicker response and ease of access

Consistency of data with no human error

An air quality monitoring system that provides real-time notifications

Our IoP® Air Quality Monitor IntuitAir tracks and measures changes in air quality, including CO, CO₂, TVOC, particulate matter, temperature, and relative humidity.


Real-time notifications of changes in air quality

Trending and historical data analytics