Easy Count™ Glue Board

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Easy Count™ Glue Board

Food manufacturing facilities use various control techniques to reduce filth flies. But when it comes to numeric assessment for pest monitoring, they seem to have met with little success.

On the other hand, the food handling industry has met the problem head-on with glue board-based fly traps that provide accurate numeric assessments. These light traps are one of the most acceptable fly control solutions in the food handling facilities and have successfully eliminated or reduced the risks of food contamination.

Brandenburg Easy CountTM Glue Board provides statistically accurate fly count using proven sampling techniques. It helps facilities to easily integrate their fly control program with the mandatory HACCP sanitation framework.

How does the Easy CountTM Glue Board work?

Easy CountTM Glue Board contains a uniquely marked grid of white squares for easy sampling. A fixed number of squares are pre-determined and then counted to arrive at the fly catch rate estimate. Even if the glue boards are replaced, the same number of squares are counted each time. This helps to save both time and cost while achieving safety targets. A count record sheet is also maintained to simplify the counting process. The sheet documents the date, Insect Light Trap identification (number or location), a box for each square to be counted, and the total fly catch count.

Advantages of Easy CountTM Glue Board

  • Easy and quick sample counting
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Compliance with the very latest food safety standards
  • Record-keeping on time-related data of species, count, and time
  • Analysis for ongoing continuous improvement
  • Meets food safety regulations such as FSMA and HACCP
  • Compatible with most Brandenburg and competitor units

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