Harnessing the Power of Technology

At Brandenburg, an in-house team of scientists is constantly engaged in developing innovative technologies through advanced research in our entomology, engineering, and UV laboratories.

Our LED Journey

Nine years of relentless discovery, over 15,000 fly catch efficacy tests, and more than 1,200 prototypes have led to our watershed moment in Insect Fly Trap technology — the Genus® LED range.

Here are some of the milestones in our path-breaking journey.

Vector Smart Object

Established an in-house entomology lab with a dedicated team

 Vector Smart Object 3

Set targets to support UN SDG Goals for 2030

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Upgraded to sustainable technology to reduce carbon emissions

Vector Smart Object 1

Studied fly behaviour and measured fly response to UV intensity

Vector Smart Object 1.1

Perfected LED technology to maximise fly catch

LED Technology

Extensive discovery and engineering have led to the development of LED Technology that blends efficacy with sustainability. The Genus® LED range ensures superior fly catch performance, reduced energy consumption, and improved environmental well-being as compared to the legacy fluorescent range.

Benefits of
LED Technology

Easy CountTM
Glue Board

Our Easy CountTM Glue Board acts as a monitoring aid to obtain the required flying insect count in the least possible time.


How it Works


grid squares on a full Easy CountTM Glue Board


white squares agreed upon before implementation are counted to obtain the sample count

Consistently counting the same 14 white squares will provide a 1/8 sample count, which is the recommended minimum for a full glue board.

Translucent TechnologyTM

Conventional Insect Light Traps usually disperse UVA light from the front and create a limited attraction window for flies. However, Translucent Technology™ used in our Genus® range of Insect Light Traps disperses UVA light from the top, front, and sides. This results in a dispersion rate 2.4 times greater than that of
non-translucent units.

The technology also helps to create a much wider window of attraction, resulting in a 186% increase in fly catch performance within the first 30 minutes of operation.

glueboard 3


times greater UVA dispersion than conventional units

glueboard 4


increased fly catch within the first 30 min

glueboard 5 1


window of attraction

product trans

Benefits of Translucent Technology™

  • Increased dispersion of UVA light for a wider window of attraction
  • Faster fly catch for improved food safety
  • Reduced electric running costs and carbon emissions

Germicidal Technology

Germicidal Technology is clinically proven to eliminate bacteria and viruses, making it safe for use in human environments. It is ideal for pathogen-sensitive environments such as hospitals and laboratories.

We have used this technology to manufacture the world’s first and only germicidal fly trap — Genus® Orbit Innova. It is specifically designed to reduce airborne pathogens in sensitive environments.

We have also employed Germicidal Technology to engineer our Medixair™ UV Air Steriliser that removes airborne pathogens in any environment.

Benefits of Germicidal Technology

  • Reduces fungal emissions by 95% and bacterial emissions by 65%
  • Provides powerful sterilisation using UV-C radiation without any danger to humans