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An Insect Light Trap that provides superior fly catch and 24/7 remote monitoring

Utilising the hugely popular Cobra LED insect light trap with the addition of our new Pelsis Digital technology, we are pleased to introduce flying insect monitoring with real-time data. Our Pelsis Digital Cobra LED unit offers an intelligent monitoring system that helps manage the public health risks associated with flying insects.


real-time monitoring of insect activity.


detection of insect activity and population growth.


time and location of insect activity.
Pelsis Cobra Digital LED

Pelsis Cobra Digital LED

Energy Savings

Estimate the reduction in electrical running costs and carbon emissions

Key Attributes

Translucent Technology™

Provides a 180° window of attraction for increased fly catch

Quick Release Front Cover

Designed for fast and easy servicing


Pelsis Cobra Digital LED

Variant Name: Pelsis Cobra Digital LED

Order Code*: 1106004190

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Dimensions: H: 345 mm (13.6”) | W: 530 mm (20.9”) I D:125 mm (4.9”)

Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)

Areas of Application:

Areas of Application: