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A premium fly control solution for pathogen-sensitive environments

Genus® Orbit Innova is equipped with a germicidal lamp for eliminating bacteria and viruses in pathogen-sensitive environments.
53% faster fly catch within 60 minutes*

95% reduced fungal emissions

65% decreased bacterial emissions
Genus® Orbit Innova 3x15...

*Compared to a similarly rated fluorescent competitor

Genus® Orbit Innova 3x15W UVA Lamp and 1x15W UVC Lamp

Key Attributes

Translucent TechnologyTM

Increased window of attraction for improved fly catch performance

Germicidal technology

Equipped with germicidal technology that kills bacteria and viruses


701Genus® Orbit Innova
Genus® Orbit Innova 3x15...

Variant Name: Genus® Orbit Innova 3x15W UVA Lamp and 1x15W UVC Lamp

Order Code*: ORB45-1TX2012XXX

*XXX represents the unique numeric code for the country of sale

Dimensions: H: 336mm | W: 538mm | D: 132mm

Weight: 4.7kg

Lamp: 3x15W

Areas of Application:

Healthcare Centres / Hospitals / Pharmaceuticals / Labs

Doctors’ / Dentists’ Offices

Food Processing Plants

Supermarkets / Groceries

Spas and Wellness Centres

Residential Care Homes