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The sturdy workhorse of Genus® Fluorescent range

Genus® FLI is the perfect Insect Light Trap for everyday use as it combines superior fly catch performance with efficient running costs. The unit provides flexible installation options such as horizontal, corner, or vertical mounting. It can also be placed as a free-standing unit.

67% faster fly catch performance within 60 minutes*
Silent, out-of-sight control for use in public areas
Powerful attraction with 2x15W lamps and integral UV reflectors
Genus® FLI 2x15W ...

*Compared to a similarly rated fluorescent competitor

Genus® FLI 2x15W Lamp

Key Attributes

Lift-and-Stay Hinge Cover

Quick and easy consumables replacement

Multiple Installation Options

Horizontal, vertical, or corner
wall-mounted and free-standing options


Genus® FLI 2x15W ...

Variant Name: Genus® FLI 2x15W Lamp

Order Code*: FLI30-1S12011XXX

*XXX represents the unique numeric code for the country of sale

Dimensions: H: 297mm | W: 533mm | D: 86mm

Weight: 2.7kg

Lamp: 2x15W

Areas of Application:


Food Processing Plants

Supermarkets / Groceries

Hotels / Motels

Airports / Seaports / Train Stations

Office Buildings

Healthcare Centres / Hospitals / Pharmaceuticals / Labs

Cinemas / Theatres / Arenas / Stadiums


Prisons / Penal Facilities

Schools / Educational Institutions

Doctors’ / Dentists’ Offices

Residential Areas

Cruise Lines

Spas and Wellness Centres

Tattoo Studios

Residential Care Homes

Amusement Parks