Genus® Liberator Catcher

A heavy-duty Insect Light Trap with glue board

Genus® Liberator Catcher is a powerful solution that uses a large-capacity grid-marked glue board for superior fly catch. It is perfect for areas with heavy insect activity. The unit is also available with IP45-rated Jet-Proof Technology for wet or washdown areas.
45% faster fly catch within 60 minutes*
Easy tool-free maintenance
Wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended installation
Genus® Liberator Stainless Catcher 4...

*Compared to a similarly rated fluorescent competitor

Genus® Liberator Stainless Catcher 4x15W Lamps

Key Attributes

Multiple Installation Options

Wall mounted or ceiling suspended installation options

Double-sided Fly Catch

Open-sided units for superior fly catch performance


895Genus® Liberator Catcher
Genus® Liberator Stainless Catcher 4...

Variant Name: Genus® Liberator Stainless Catcher 4x15W Lamps

Order Code*: LSC415-2-XXX

*XXX represents the unique numeric code for the country of sale

Dimensions: H: 462mm | W: 490mm | D: 170mm

Weight: 7.4kg

Lamp: 4x15W

Areas of Application:


Food Processing Plants

Supermarkets / Groceries

Hotels / Motels

Airports / Seaports / Train Stations

Office Buildings

Healthcare Centres / Hospitals / Pharmaceuticals / Labs

Cinemas / Theatres / Arenas / Stadiums


Prisons / Penal Facilities

Schools / Educational Institutions

Doctors’ / Dentists’ Offices

Residential Areas

Cruise Lines

Spas and Wellness Centres

Tattoo Studios

Residential Care Homes

Amusement Parks