Genus Cobra
An Insect Light Trap that utilises Translucent Technology™ to deliver superior fly catch performance, easy servicing, and low running costs.
Genus Fli
Genus Fli - Logo
An Insect Light Trap that combines superior performance with ease of servicing.
Genus Orbit
Genus Orbit - Logo
An Insect Light Trap that comes with a built-in pheromone tray for insects that are not attracted to UV light.
Genus Optica - Logo
A slimline solution that provides silent operation and hidden fly catch features for discretion in use.
Genus Spectra
Genus Spectra - Logo
A sleek Insect Light Trap designed for areas with limited space. It delivers increased fly catch performance along with ease of servicing.
Genus Spectra Compact
An elegant, compact, and versatile Insect Light Trap that provides flexible installation options such as horizontal or vertical mounting. It can also...
Genus Delta
An Insect Light Trap that features an unobstructed lamp design and a full grid-marked glue board for unparalleled fly catch performance.
Genus Liberator
A reliable solution that comes with a high-voltage grid and a large catch tray for superior fly catch in non-food handling areas.
Genus Liberator
A powerful solution that uses a large-capacity grid-marked glue board for superior fly catch.
Viper 30
Viper 30 - Logo
Insect Light Traps with grid-marked glue boards for superior fly control in commercial areas with high insect activity. (VC)
Viper Zapper
Viper 30 - Logo
Insect Light Traps with high-voltage grids for unparalleled fly catch performance in non-food handling areas with high insect activity. (VZ)
Genus Orbit Jet - Logo
An IP65-rated unit that is designed to provide uninterrupted fly catch in wet and washdown areas.
An Insect Light Trap that is equipped with a germicidal lamp for eliminating bacteria and viruses in pathogen-sensitive environments.
Cobra Specifications
An IP45-rated solution for hygiene-critical washdown areas that ensures uninterrupted fly catch during cleaning procedures.
Illuma Alpha
An elegant Insect Light Trap that blends seamlessly with front-of-house décor.
Illume Galaxy
Illume Galaxy - Logo
An elegant, discreet Insect Light Trap that complements any décor and blends seamlessly in public spaces.
Eclipse Ultra
A unique Insect Light Trap that meets the increasing demand for a unit that can be customised for brand messaging.